Lawyer Spent 12 Years Sueing Ex-wife, Family

27 Oct

26 (UPI) — Roma parents are at risk of having their children seized after a Greek Roma family’s non-biological daughter was taken from them, a human rights activist said. Greek authorities removed a 4-year-old blond-haired, blue-eyed girl known as Maria from a Roma camp after a DNA test found that the couple she was living with were not her biological parents. On Friday, Bulgarian authorities confirmed that a woman named Sasha Ruseva, 35, is Maria’s biological mother. Two more blond-haired, blue-eyed Roma children were also taken from their families in Ireland this week, but were returned after DNA tests confirmed their parents were biological.

Lawyer: San Francisco hospital staffer saw body in stairwell days earlier

The revelation was the latest development in a case that may be on hiatus but never seems to take a break. On Monday, Rodriguez’s attorneys convened a press briefing in Midtown to announce they had a “whistle-blower” who would corroborate many of the charges in their lawsuit. But they were forced to cancel it after Horowitz issued an injunctive order prohibiting members of either camp from speaking to the media.

The 57-year-old Spalding was admitted to the hospital September 19. She was reported missing two days later. On October 8, the body found in an exterior stairwell in the building was identified as Spalding.

Daveys theory is he is the victim of a vast conspiracy, said commercial litigator David Wrobel, who represents home buyer Brian Costello. He wont give up despite every decision going against him. Even after a Manhattan Supreme Court dismissed the suit against Costello this year, Davey filed a wacky motion to safeguard the integrity of courts on Oct. 3. Justice delayed is justice denied, Davey wrote in the motion, in which he compared himself to a Madoff whistleblower. Consider claims against Kobe Bryant and others, as well as wrongful actions of women against men, Davey added.


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